The Cast of 'Physical: 100' Season 2: Your Guide

Netflix has gathered a roster of Olympic athletes, pro bodybuilders, and fitness buffs.

a group of contestants on physical 100 season 2 run on manual treadmills
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Physical: 100 has returned for another nail-biting competition that tests the physical (and mental) limits of 100 fitness fanatics. The hit reality Netflix Korean series premiered last year and quickly found an audience of obsessed fans (guilty), thanks to both its super-intense challenges—from one-on-one wrestling matches to team contests to pull a 4,000-pound ship—to the sweet sportsmanship and camaraderie between the season 1 contestants. Netflix promised that season 2 would raise the bar with more difficult rounds and an even more impressive cast, and so far the new episodes are kicking off a stellar season of Korean entertainment.

The cast of Physical: 100 season 2 includes several superstars of both national and international fame, including legendary athletes, Olympic gold medalists, pro bodybuilders, and top influencers. And like with season 1, several contestants are introducing little-known sports and professions to a global audience. Read on to get to know some of the standout cast of Physical: 100 season 2, and find out where they stand at the end of Round 2.5.

Warning: Spoilers for Physical: 100 season 2, episodes 1-5.



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Amotti is a Crossfitter who hosts his own fitness YouTube channel, which has more than 145,000 subscribers. He's best known for training at the popular Sweat on Seoul gym, which counts several fitness YouTubers as members, including Physical: 100 season 1 cast members Yun Sung-bin and Caro.

Though he was eliminated when his team lost to Team Kim Dong-hyun in Round 2, he was later chosen by Jung Ji-hyuk to rejoin the competition with the "Avengers" team.

Andre Jin

Andre Jin Coquillard was born in Seoul to an American father and South Korean mother, former model Kim Dong-su. He is the first naturalized foreign player on South Korea's national rugby team, and he represented the country at the 2020 Tokyo Olympics. He also played rugby in college while attending U.C. Berkeley.

Chang Yong-heung

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Chang is a rugby player who competed in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics and the 2022 Rugby World Cup Sevens as part of the South Korean national team. He also won a silver medal at the 2022 Asian Games.


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Gibson Kim is a U.S. Army major stationed at Camp Humphreys in South Korea. The powerlifting enthusiast also runs a family YouTube channel with his wife, 5-year-old son, and 2-year-old daughter.

Ham Young-jin

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Ham is a police officer and member of the Korean national judo team.

Hong Beom-seok

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Hong is a familiar face to Physical: 100 viewers since he's appearing on the show for the second time. He's a former firefighter who won first place in the 2018 World Firefighters Championships, and he was a special forces soldier in the Korean military for 10 years. He has also appeared on the shows Steel Troops 3, The Soldiers, and King of Wrestling.

Joo Min-kyung

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Joo is a professional arm wrestler and member of the Korean national arm wrestling team. He's won several gold medals in national competitions, and he previously won the JTBC competition show Over the Top.

Jung Dae-jin

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Jung is a sports model and bodybuilder who goes by the nickname "Superbody Jin." He has won several competitions, including scoring at the Pro level three times at NABBA Korea, the country's biggest fitness contest. He also runs his own fitness YouTube channel, which has featured appearances from several of the other Physical: 100 season 2 contestants over the past few months.

Jung Ji-hyun

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Jung is a former wrestler who won a gold medal while representing the South Korean national wrestling team at the 2004 Olympics in Athens. He's currently a YouTuber who also runs a wrestling and circuit training gym in Seoul's Gangnam neighborhood.

Though his team was eliminated against Team Lee Jae-yoon in Round 2, he later came first in Round 2.5 and was able to form his own "Avengers" team of fallen players.

Jung You-in

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Jung is a professional swimmer and former member of the Korean national swimming team. She has won 18 gold medals in national competitions, per her Physical: 100 intro. She finished second in the 100m freestyle at the Olympic trials, and while she did not join the Korean team for the 2020 Tokyo Olympics, she did serve as a commentator for the broadcaster SBS. She was also a regular cast member on the variety show Sporty Sisters.

Justin Harvey

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Harvey is a South African actor who made his big-screen debut in the Korean thriller The Witch: Part 2. The Other One. He also appeared in the 2020 variety show Welcome, First Time in Korea? In an interview with The Korea Herald, he said his goal is "to be the main lead in a Korean production as a foreigner, speaking in Korean, just like [Decision to Leave actress] Tang Wei."

Kang Cheong-myeong

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Kang is a Coast Guard officer who has previous experience on Korean TV. He was also part of season 2 of the "military survival program" Steel Troops.

Kim Dong-hyun

In the sports world, Kim is best known as a retired MMA fighter, who competed in the UFC's welterweight class and earned many nicknames, including "Stun Gun" and "Cicada." He's since become well known in Korea's entertainment industry, appearing on countless variety shows including Amazing Saturday, Law of the Jungle, Master in the House, The Return Of Superman, The Great Escape, and The Iron Squad.

Kim Hyeong-kyu

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Kim is a professional heavyweight boxer who has won 12 gold medals at the Korea Championships and 2 gold medals at the Asian Boxing Championships, per his Instagram caption. He is also the CEO of his own gym, called Hunk Boxing.

Kim Min-su

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Kim is a bodybuilder who is perhaps better known by his nickname, the "Korean Thanos." He's a Pro in the International Fitness and Bodybuilding Federation (IFBB), and he competed in the prestigious Mr. Olympia competition in 2020. He's also a YouTuber, former Special Forces officer, and an amateur rugby player.

Though his team was eliminated when they lost Round 2 to Team Andre Jin, he was chosen by Jung Ji-hyun to join the "Avengers" team after Round 2.5.

Lee Jae-yoon

Lee is a Toronto-born actor who made his debut in the 2000s. He's best known for starring in dramas including Weightlifting Fairy Kim Bok-joo, Mother, Alice, Another Miss Oh, Cruel City, Ghost, and My Love By My Side. He's also a fitness enthusiast who has a brown belt in jiu-jitsu.

Lee Jang-kun

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Lee is a Korean national athlete and Asian Games medalist in kabaddi, a contact team sport which originated in India. On Physical: 100, he shares that some of his nicknames from competing in India include the "Korean King" and "BTS of India." He's also appeared on variety shows including King of Wrestling and Let's Play Soccer.

Though his team lost to Team Hong Beom-seok in Round 2, he was chosen by Jung Ji-hyun to rejoin the competition with the "Avengers" team.

Lee Won-hee

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Lee is a legendary Judo champion, who won the gold medal at several competitions, including the 2004 Athens Olympics, 2003 Asian Championships, 2003 World Championships, and 2006 Asian Games. As shared on Physical: 100, he was nicknamed "Mr. Ippon" for winning 43 games by ippon, out of a 48-game winning streak. He has also been a professor at his alma matter Yongin University, as well as the head coach of the South Korean Women's Judo National Team.

Lim Soo-jin

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Lim is an IFBB Pro bodybuilder who has won multiple competitions including NABBA Korea and Haeundae Body Fitness. She documents her fitness journey on Instagram, and also runs a separate account for her puppy.

Park Da-sol

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Park is a national judo athlete who won a gold medal at the 2021 Asian Championship, as well as a silver medal at the 2018 Asian Games. She's also a member of the digital content agency and sports YouTube channel 700Creators.

Park Ha-yan

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Park is a former national handball player, who documents her day-to-day life as a fitness enthusiast and dog mom on Instagram. She has also been featured in a Nike Seoul campaign, featuring co-star Kim Dong-hyun and trainer Yerin Kim.

Park Woo-jin

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Park is a South Korean Coast Guard officer, who's part of a rescue team and was previously a navy marine rescue officer, per his Instagram bio.

Power Who Yami

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Yami is a cosplayer who does not have a large digital presence, other than an Instagram he started earlier this year, where he shares his love of fitness and costumes. He's a huge fan of anime, proven when he dressed up as Roronoa Zoro from One Piece for his Physical: 100 introduction.


Amber Yang

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Yang is a professional Crossfiter, who has competed as part of the Korean national team for several years. She is also a level 2 coach, per her Instagram bio. She was eliminated in her one-on-one match with Jung You-in.

Chong Te-se

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Chong is a Zainichi Korean soccer player, who was born in Tokyo to a South Korean father and a North Korean mother; he identifies as North Korean. He has played professional soccer in Japan, Korea, and Germany. He also played in the 2010 FIFA World Cup and the 2008 East Asian Football Championships, as part of the North Korean national team.

He was part of Team Kim Min-su in Round 2, and was eliminated when Team Andre Jin won.


Shaibu Emmanuel is a fitness model and IFBB Pro bodybuilder, who was born in Nigeria and currently lives in Korea. He also runs a YouTube fitness channel. He was eliminated in his close-call one-on-one match with Kim Dong-hyun.

Go Min-jung

Go is a Crossfit athlete who has nearly 80,000 followers on Instagram. She also runs her own YouTube channel.

For Round 2, she was part of Team Lee Jang-kun which was eliminated by Team Hong Beom-seok.

Hong Da-eun

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Per her Instagram bio, Hong is an arborist, and a rope course and adventure park trainer. Per her Physical: 100 intro, arborists "climb trees that are deep in the forest and over 20 meters tall, and do things such as pruning, collecting seeds, and and basically anything related to trees."

She was part of Team Lee Jang-kun in Round 2, which was eliminated by Team Hong Beom-seok.

Hunter Lee

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Lee is an FBI diplomat who recently moved to South Korea to work at the U.S. Embassy in Seoul. He's also a fitness enthusiast and a member of the U.S. Navy Reserve. He was eliminated in his one-on-one match against Sim Yu-ri.

Hwang Choong-won

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Hwang is a heavy equipment operator and Crossfit athlete who is best known for appearing in the first season of the Korean variety show The Iron Squad. He has since become a TV personality and influencer, also appearing in the shows King of Wrestling and Steel Ball: Dodgeball Worker.

He was eliminated in Round 2, when his team lost to Team Lee Won-hee.

Jang Jun-hyuk

Jang is the youngest contestant on Physical: 100 season 2, as an 18-year-old professional wrestler who competes at the high school level. He impressed the fellow contestants when he came in second place in Round 2.5.

Kang So-yeon

Kang is a model, entrepreneur, and TV personality who rose to fame while appearing on the first season of Netflix's Single's Inferno. Since then, she has partnered with several companies as an influencer, launched her own gym called HitFit Boxing, and regularly posted on her sports-themed vlog channel. The former K-pop idol also released the single "Loca Loca" in June 2022. She was eliminated in her unseen one-on-one match on Physical: 100 season 2.

Kang Young-seo

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Kang is an alpine skier and the youngest Korean female athlete to represent the country in alpine skiing at the Olympics. She participated in three Olympics in a row (Sochi, Pyeongchang, and Beijing), and she has won several medals in both Korea's National Winter Sports Game and the Asian Games. She recently published her first book, a memoir about her life as a skiing athlete.

She was eliminated in Round 2 as part of Team Amotti, which lost to Team Kim Dong-hyun.

Kim Dam-bi

Kim is a former competitive weightlifter who attended Korea National Sport University. She runs a YouTube channel where she documents her ongoing fitness journey and day-to-day life.

In Round 2, she was on Team Kim Min-su, which was eliminated by Team Andre Jin.

Kim Jee-hyuk

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Kim is a professional rower and cycling enthusiast who has won several national medals. He also has a couple Instagram and vlog channel with his fiancée, model Kim Ji-eon.

He was eliminated in Round 2 as part of Team Amotti, which lost to Team Kim Dong-hyun.

Kim Hee-hyun

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Kim is a professional ballet dancer for the Seoul Metropolitan Ballet. He's a former soloist for Korea's National Ballet, and he also founded the Billy Ballet Studio in Seoul. He's also well-known for his marriage to solo K-pop singer Lim Jeong-hee, also known as J-Lim. He was eliminated in his one-on-one match versus rugby player Chang Yong-heung.

Kim Hye-bin

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Kim is a national athlete who competes in wushu sanda, a Chinese full-contact combat sport that combines elements of marital arts, boxing, and kickboxing. She is also the first Korean to win a gold medal at the international competition Universiade. She was eliminated in her close one-on-one match against Kim Dam-bi.

Kim Ji-eun

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Kim is a track-and-field athlete who is a two-time national champion and an Asian Championships bronze medalist, per World Athletics. She also runs an Instagram with over 100,000 followers and partners with brands including New Balance and Oakley.

She was part of Team Jung Ji-hyun in Round 2, and was eliminated when Team Lee Jae-yoon won.

Lee Jang-jun

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Lee is the main rapper of the K-pop boy group Golden Child, which made its debut in 2017. On Physical: 100, he reveals that he previously trained in taekwondo for a decade, winning numerous medals. The 27-year-old impressed his fellow players during his close one-on-one match against top-ranked player Hong Beom-seok.

Lee Kyu-ho

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Lee is an actor and TV personality who's best known for playing Oslo in the Netflix remake Money Heist: Korea - Joint Economic Area. He's been a prolific actor since 2012, and has also starred in dramas including Dr. Romantic, The Uncanny Counter, Taxi Driver, and Hot Stove League. He was eliminated in his one-on-one match versus Amotti.

Park Kwang-jae

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Park is an actor and former basketball player who has appeared in several Netflix k-dramas and movies, including Kill Boksoon, Song of the Bandits, Kingdom, and Sweet Home, where he played the Protein Monster. Other works he's featured in recently include Moving, A Shop for Killers, Flower of Evil, The Roundup, Spiritwalker, and Alienoid. He was eliminated in his unseen one-on-one match.

Shin Soo-ji

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Shin is a former member of Korea's national rhythmic gymnastics team and represented South Korean at the 2008 Beijing Olympics. She has also won silver and bronze medals at the Asian Championships. She's now a rhythmic gymnastics commentator, broadcaster, and professional bowler, as well as a TV personality appearing on several variety shows. She was eliminated in her one-on-one match versus Park Ha-yan.

Sim Yu-ri

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Sim is a professional MMA fighter and the former champion of the Korean Road Fighting Championship (Road FC), in the atomweight division. In 2016, she came in second place while representing Korea at the Cheongju World Martial Arts Masterships, per SPOTV News. She's also an amateur Crossfitter, and a former ambassador for Lululemon.

She was eliminated in Round 2 as part of Team Hwang Choong-won, which lost to Team Lee Won-hee.

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